Nectar Collector

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The Nectar Collector was conceived in the backwoods of Oregon as a tool to simplify the process of dabbing in the rugged conditions of mountain life. In its most humble beginnings, the first Nectar Collectors were simple straws; glass pipettes purchased from the chemistry supply shop. In summer 2011, Jefe Z presented the idea of vertical dabs to world class glass pipe maker Kristian Merwin and the Honey Badger dab straw was born. Several months later and after some serious R&D the design for an in-line, water cooled, spill proof vertical vaporizer came to Kristian like a lightning bolt from above,    

“I was sitting at my desk, preparing to work on drawings for an unrelated project when it came to me in a flash. I drew what I had imagined and went into the studio and made one. Within the hour I was taking a hit from the world’s first Nectar Collector. I knew instantly that I had struck gold.” (or perhaps Oil?)

With the addition of water filtration the vertical vaporization concept was complete. Dabs would never be the same again.

Nectar Collector is are committed to bringing you the best vertical vaporizers and accessories in the world.