Vaporizer Information

Burning homeopathic herbs through the process of combustion is the oldest method known to man. Releasing the active ingredients of homeopathic herbs does not have to occur with combustion.

Rather, vaporizing has the same effect as smoking, but does so, without burning or combusting. Vaporizing eliminates combustion by-products and unwanted odors.

By-products resulting from combustion include tar, ash, CO2, carbon monoxide and other gases & carcinogens, many of which are known to increase the likelihood of various cancers. In addition, because smoking is basically breathing in fire, your lungs and throat are subjected to high amounts of heat, which is damaging no matter what the substance is.

Combustion is also known to decrease and destroy a large percentage of the active ingredients contained in your homeopathic herbs. Studies have shown that 25-50% of the active ingredients contained in tobacco are destroyed by the act of combustion itself! So not only does smoking create many unhealthy and unwanted side effects, but a large percentage of the homeopathic herbs active ingredients are lost in the process. Smoking blocks taste and destroys the natural flavors of your homeopathic herbs.

In contrast, vaporizing warms your tobacco or any non toxic homeopathic herb to a temperature below the level of combustion. The resulting effect, volatizes the active ingredient's of your homeopathic herbs in the form of vapor. Since vaporizing does not use a flame or fire to ignite the material, none of the active ingredients are lost in the process. You're getting no smoke and more of the natural tastes and flavors of your substance. Use of a vaporizer has the same effect as smoking and is a easy healthy alternative to enjoying tobacco and homeopathic herbs.

Pure vapor contains little to no tar and is much cooler to inhale through your lungs than smoke. Pure vapor has practically no carcinogenic elements making it a healthier alternative to smoke!

The vapor itself is slightly visible when exhaled and does not create a smell like smoking does. In fact, there are no odors at all contained in pure vapor. Also, because vapor contains no smoke, the natural tastes and flavors found in your tobacco and homeopathic herbs are abundantly present!