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Boveda (pronounced Boh-veh-duh) invented the world’s first 2-way humidity control in a ready-to-use packet. Inside Boveda’s semipermeable membrane contains all-natural salts and purified water.

It’s all science. Mix certain salts with water and together they naturally regulate humidity. Boveda’s patented packaging allows the cleanest, most-purified water vapor to either be emitted or absorbed.

Boveda acts on the environment around it. By adding and absorbing moisture, Boveda keeps the contents of a sealed container at a precise relative humidity (RH) level. Cool, huh?

The number printed on Boveda are the RH%. Whatever product you’re storing calls for specific RH levels.

The device not only emits the perfect amount of RH into your humidor, it will also absorb excess humidity in over-seasoned humidors. That fact alone can give the cigar smoker huge peace of mind, especially when you might have thousands of dollars invested in your cigars.. Another great feature of the Boveda Humidity packs is that they cannot damage your smokes, even when coming in direct contact; they will not damage the cigar at all. Just toss one or more packets (depending on size) in your humidor and forget about it!