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For customers that are not familiar with the XVAPE brand, without knowing it you have probably seen or even used their products before.

XVAPE is a brand founded by one of the leading international manufacturers of herbal vaporizer products, TopGreen.  For years they have designed and produced products for major brands. Still to this day, they are continuing to help major brands and companies provide high quality products to their customers.

So as a manufacturer, why create their own brand? XVAPE is a brand that showcases the latest innovations in vaporizer technology.  Their goal is to continue to provide high quality products with leading edge technology. All of their products strive to provide a healthier and cleaner way to consume herbal vapor.  The XVAPE brand products are exclusive to XVAPE and are NOT rebranded for others.

The core value at XVAPE is that they believe that customers have the right to enjoy innovative high quality products at reasonable price!